Financial Peace University

Paycheck to paycheck is no way to live. Debt makes you feel like you have chains with cinder blocks attached to your body. It just feels impossible to make any headway or to gain any momentum. Financial Peace University is the class for you! Join us each week as we gather to hear the teachings from Dave Ramsey himself through his video series. Then we will discuss practical ways to implement his teachings. Hear from each other, share our struggles and our victories. We will be the support and accountability that we each need. We want to help you succeed, and this class can help you do that! Click the button below to register and purchase your class materials.

Bridgeway Church

FPU Group Starting April 19th


While the materials are absolutely valuable and will help you succeed in this class, we also understand that the cost may be prohibitive for some. If you can not afford the materials, please use this separate link to join the group and somebody from Bridgeway Church will contact you.